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You would probably like to know about the company behind the services you are considering.

Here's just a little about us.

Our Company

Creative Rhythms Entertainment started in 1990. After working for a Rochester based DJ company owner Greg Geraci decided there was a need for professional entertainers that would interact with the people and actually care about their needs and not just ours. Now 25 years later having added family members... sons Joshua, Noah and maybe in a few years Jack, we have added yet another dynamic to our company to better us for schools, private parties and more. This has given us different perspectives to serve you better. Every year is more exciting than the last as we add new packages and quality people to our staff. As of  2014 Creative Rhythms Entertainment has successfully entertained at over 1000 events. In 2014 alone, we entertained for more than 60 events. The amazing thing about this is our advertising budget was almost non existent, meaning that more than 90% of our business was word of mouth. "Let the people speak". Not to name any of the facilities, but I can assure you if you are selecting a location in Western NY they not only know us, they have heard of us and refer us as well. We don't say this with arrogance, just confidence in the type of entertainment we provide.

Our Philosophy

Our mission statement " To provide professional entertainment with an interactive flavor". When it comes to creating great parties, there are no real formulas. We keep our parties new & exciting by constantly refining our already successful ideas. Your guests will feel the energy at your event because they are experiencing new & innovative ideas that work. Our party themes, music and ideas are cutting edge. Our  ideas keep the rest of the DJ services wondering. They try to copy us but can't because we never stand still.

Thank you for considering our service !!